General Bindings


Move Forward

Move Back

Strafe Left

Strafe Right

Fire Weapon


Open door

Switch firing mode / alter scope

Next Weapon

Drop Item

Drop Weapon

Jump / Climb Ladder


IRVision (Infrared, can be used when wearing bandolier)

Display Scores / Team List

Use Unique Weapon (The one you select in TP)


Talk to team

Walk (Keep pressed down to walk)

Bandage (To stop bleeding)

Bandage Message



Menu Options


Menu (Voteconfig, votekick, etc. TNG option)

Team / Weapon selection menu

Menu Down (To scroll menu options)

Menu Up (To scroll menu options)

Menu Select (To select menu option)


Automated Team Communication (With radio)


TNG Supported %-Commands:

%K - shows the nickname of the person you killed last.
%P - shows the nickname of the person you damanged last.
%D - shows the location where you hit your enemy last. This can either be head, chest, stomach, legs, kevlar vest or kevlar helmet.
%L - shows the location where you are at that moment. (if the map has a location file)
%S - shows the location where you are looking at. (if the map has a location file)
%E - shows the enemy you are looking at.
%F - shows the weapon the enemy is holding.
%me - shows your nickname like IRC's /me.


OK Message


Go Message

Enemy Spotted

Enemy Spotted Message (What to say)

Enemy Down

Enemy Down Message

Team Report In

Team Report In Message

Reporting In

Reporting In Message


Left Message


Right Message


Up Message


Down Message


1 Message


2 Message


3 Message


4 Message


5 Message


Yet more configuration options



On Off || Dynamic Lightning (Off improves fps, but no lights when shooting)

On Off || Polyblend (Off makes water clear etc.)

On Off || Shadows

OpenGL Glide || Your renderer (Affects brightness)

Default Fast || Console speed

56k ISDN DSL < 256 DSL > 256 || Connection bandwith

Not visible Left Right || Weapon visible? In which hand?


SSG Automated Sensitivity Changing by Lens

Adjusts the mouse speed when zooming with SSG

Ok, this one is a bit more complicated. You will have to press reset sens - button every time your weapon is kicked from your hand, every time the round ends (if you have zoom on). I myself hit reset button once every few seconds, bad habit :) You'll have to give your default sensitivity also.

On Off || Use SSG Automated Sens Changing?

Default mouse sensitivity

Zoom in button

Zoom out button

Reset zoom button





Anti-Copyright (2003) Spectre [RK]

(take all you want, as there's not much :)


Insert buttons that you wish to bind into text field left of the description.

Available buttons are all letters from
A to Z, numbers from 0 to 9 and
MWHEELUP for mouse wheel up.
MWHEELDOWN for mouse wheel
down, MOUSE1 for mouse button 1
MOUSE2 for mouse button 2
MOUSE3 for mouse button 3
MOUSE4 for mouse button 4
MOUSE5 for mouse button 5

TAB for tabulator
CTRL for control
SHIFT for shift
ALT for alt
SPACE for space
ENTER for enter
BACKSPACE for backspace
ESCAPE for esc(ape)

F1 - F12 for function buttons
INS for insert
DEL for delete
PGUP for pgup
PGDN for pgdn
HOME for home
END for end

PAUSE for numlock
KP_SLASH for /
* for *
KP_MINUS for keypad -
KP_PLUS for keypad +
KP_ENTER for keypad enter
KP_HOME for keypad 7
KP_UPARROW for keypad 8
KP_PGUP for keypad 9
KP_LEFTARROW for keypad 4
KP_5 for keypad 5
KP_RIGHTARROW for keypad 6
KP_END for keypad 1
KP_DOWNARROW for keypad 2
KP_PGDN for keypad 3
KP_INS for keypad 0
KP_DEL for keypad ,

There are some more, but they depend on your keyboards layout, so you'll have to figure 'em out by yourself. (easy way is to start quake, open Options and Customize controls and bind with it, and you'll see the keys internal name there)


You might want to change the things that you say when you use radio communication. So just change messages in their fields.





Now i think that was pretty much everything... If you find a bug, have a suggestion, either mail me to

or contact me via IRC:

spctr (Quakenet, on #aq2suomi)


spectre (IRCnet, on #clanrk)

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Love, Peace & Unity
Take care!

Spectre [RK]


(and sorry 'bout my bad engrish)